Love is Total Acceptance

What does love mean to you?
Do you really love yourself, your better half and your family?

I just learnt ”Love is total acceptance by setting aside your own personal opinions and biases, giving unconditional positive response” from the Mindfulness Yoga Class tonight.

One of the questions that always crops up is whether it is possible to have unconditional positive response for someone who has done terrible hurtful things. But it does not mean you must like a person or approve of what they have done.

What it means is that you respect the person as a human being with agency to choose how to respond to their situation and that no matter how dangerous or dysfunctional they seem to be they are doing their best.

My yoga teacher said Practising unconditional positive response and active listening is the fastest way to heal myself and others.

Let go of your judgement and advice (unless people request for it)
Just accept people as they are, not who you want them to be.
Listen actively not only to people you care, but also to your heart and body.



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